An Introduction to Natural Science, Establishing the Fundamentals for the

 Explanation of the Events and Changes that occur in Nature.

Translated from the German by Dr. Ernest Hirsch.

These are the chapters translated to date. Click on a chapter to access it.

Chapter 1.  On Natural Science in General.

Chapter 2.  On Extent as the First General Property of Material Bodies.

Chapter 3.  On Mobility as the Second General Property of Bodies.

Chapter 4.   On Persistence as the Third General Property of Bodies.

Chapter 5&6.  On the Impenetrability as the Fourth General Property  of Bodies and of their Essence.


Chapter 7.   On the Effect of Forces on the Speed of Material Bodies.


Chapter 8.   On the Effect of Forces on the Direction of Bodies.


Chapter 9.   Determination of the Motion of a Body that is acted upon by Forces.


Chapter 10.   On Apparent Movement.


Chapter 11.   General Basic Rules of Natural Science.


Chapter 12.   On the Difference between Bodies as regards their Extent and Persistence.


Chapter 13.   On the Special Properties of Coarse and Subtle Matter.


Chapter 14.   On the Aether or the Subtle Celestial Air.


Chapter 15.   On the Liquid State.


Chapter 16.   On the Various Types of Bodies.


Chapter 17.   Explanation of the Strengths of Bodies.


Chapter 18.    On the compression and spring force of Bodies.


Chapter 19.    On Gravity and the Forces Acting on Heavenly Bodies.


Chapter 20.    On the Laws of Equilibrium in Liquid Substances.


Chapter 21.    On the Laws of Motion of Liquid Matter.


E81  : Thoughts on the Elements of Bodies .......














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